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Newborn Care Specialist

Acclaim Pediatrics

Pediatric Clinic located in Grand Prairie, TX

Comprehensive pediatric care begins with quality newborn care immediately after birth. Omolara Abitoye, MD, of Acclaim Pediatrics in Grand Prairie, Texas, offers excellent newborn care within days of your little one being born, establishing a relationship that supports you and protects their health and wellness from the beginning. For a pre-birth visit and high-quality newborn care, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Newborn Care Q & A

What is newborn care?

Newborn care is focused pediatric medical care that begins when your baby is born. Your little one first receives newborn care from the health care providers present at their birth. Within 24 hours, the Acclaim Pediatrics team performs its first comprehensive assessment while you are still in the hospital and assumes complete newborn care once you visit the office for the first time. 

Newborn care includes the comprehensive treatment of your new baby from birth until they are two months old. You and your little one visit the office within three to five days after being released from the hospital and continue seeing the team every two to four weeks until they graduate to well-baby care.

When do I arrange newborn care?

You can establish a trusting relationship with the team at Acclaim Pediatrics even before your baby is born. A pre-birth visit allows you to ask any questions you have about their assessments, treatment methods, or approach to pediatric health care.

Your pre-birth visit is an excellent way for you to feel comfortable and confident in your baby's health care team and allows them to begin newborn care quickly after they are born. 

During this visit, you may also discuss your wishes or concerns about circumcision, immunizations, formula feeding, or breastfeeding. 

What does newborn care entail?

When the Acclaim Pediatrics team assesses your newborn in the hospital for the first time, they:

  • Complete a comprehensive physical assessment
  • Collect vital signs, weight, and head circumference
  • Observe for any signs of congenital disabilities or health concerns
  • Order newborn testing or treatments, such as vitamin K shot
  • Administer their first round of vaccinations

If your newborn is a boy and you desire they have a circumcision, our team may also perform that procedure while you and your newborn are in the hospital. After release from the hospital, you visit Acclaim Pediatrics for your first newborn visit within three to five days. 

What happens during a newborn care visit?

When you visit the Acclaim Pediatrics for newborn care, the team collects essential information about your baby's growth and development, such as:

  • Length and weight
  • Head circumference
  • Temperature
  • Skin color and tone
  • Vision, hearing, and reflexes
  • Movement and coordination
  • Alertness and responsiveness 

The team completes a full assessment of your baby and shares any concerns. They allow you to answer any questions and educate you on topics vital to nurturing a healthy newborn. 

As part of quality newborn care, Acclaim Pediatrics follows the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for administering childhood vaccines. 

For a pre-birth visit and excellent newborn care, call or schedule an appointment online with Acclaim Pediatrics today.